Your Ultimate Guide to Precious Metals at Giriraj Jewellers


White gold is a beautiful, durable metal that has become popular among jewelry enthusiasts. It's created by combining pure gold with nickel, silver, and palladium to give it a white and silver appearance. White gold has a lustrous shine that closely resembles platinum, making it a more affordable alternative. It's versatile and easily mixed with other metals and gemstones to create unique and stunning jewelry. With its strength and timeless beauty, white gold is an excellent choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other pieces of jewelry that are meant to last a lifetime. It's also less prone to tarnishing, making it a low-maintenance choice for jewelry. However, white gold may need to be re-plated with rhodium to maintain its shine.


Yellow gold is the classic gold color that has been cherished for centuries. Yellow gold combines pure gold with other metals, such as copper and silver. The amount of these metals determine the karat of the gold.
One of the benefits of yellow gold is its timeless and elegant look. Yellow gold looks great with all gemstones and complements all skin tones. It's also easy to maintain and doesn't require re-plating like white gold. If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that is both traditional and elegant, yellow gold may be a perfect choice.


Rose gold is a popular metal that has gained popularity due to its unique pink hue, created by combining pure gold with copper. It complements all skin tones, making it a popular choice for jewelry, particularly engagement rings and wedding bands. It's also affordable and requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget. The warm and romantic tone of rose gold is a unique and attractive option for those looking for a beautiful and versatile metal for their jewelry collection.


Platinum is a rare and valuable metal prized for its natural white color, purity, and durability. It's one of the most resilient metals, resistant to tarnish and wear, and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Platinum's rarity and quality make it a more valuable option than gold. It's a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands due to its strength and natural white color that never fades. With its unmatched beauty and elegance, platinum is a sophisticated option for those looking for a long-lasting piece of jewelry. Its unique qualities make it a timeless investment that can be cherished forever.




  • 24K gold is 99.9% pure gold
  • 22K gold is 91.7% pure gold
  • 18K gold is 75% pure gold
  • 14K gold is 58.3% pure gold
  • 10K gold is 41.7% pure gold
  • 9K gold is 37.5% pure gold

It's important to note that the higher the gold purity, the more expensive it will be. Also, higher-purity gold is softer and more malleable, making it less suitable for certain types of jewelry, such as those subject to frequent wear and tear. The purity of gold is often indicated on the jewelry item itself or a certificate of authenticity.