100% Certified Gold & Diamond Jewellery

What is a hallmark? What's the importance of hallmark jewelry?

Jewelry that has successfully gone through rigorous quality checks by an agency appointed by the
Government, such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), comes with a quality certificate, which is called
'Hallmarked' jewelry. One of the most critical concerns for gold jewelry buyers has always been the
purity of gold. It isn't easy to distinguish pure gold from any yellow-colored metal physically. Therefore,
hallmarking plays a vital role in building consumer trust. It is the official mark used in various countries
that ensure the purity of gold and confirm that the jewelry is up to acceptable standards.
In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) assesses the purity of gold.

Always ensure the BIS mark
of proper hallmarking on the jewelry. To check if BIS authorizes the jeweler, check for a laser-
engraved seal on their pieces of jewelry. Along with the standard hallmark, Karat is another standard of gold purity. It consists of
the Fineness code. The higher the Karat, the purest is the gold and vice-versa. The purest form of gold is
24 Karat and the lowest Karat is 14 Karat. Apart from this, there are 22 karat and 18 karats.
Giriraj Jewellers is a BIS-certified jeweler, and it ensures to meet all standards to provide our customers
with the purest and finest precious metal articles.

Fineness numbergold purity
22K91622 karat
18K75018 karat
14K58514 karat

With these tips, you can be assured that the gold jewelry you buy is genuine.

Giriraj Jewellers is a BIS-certified jeweler that guarantees the purity and fineness of the precious metal articles you buy from here.


What is a diamond certification?

Diamond certification is proof of the originality of the diamond attributes given by renowned gemological laboratories after a diamond is thoroughly studied, scrutinized, and evaluated. The details are then measured, noted on the diamond certificate, and presented along with the diamond. 

A diamond certificate features all the required details and specifications of a diamond, i.e., The dimensions, Clarity, Color, Polish, Symmetry, Shape, Weight, Comments, and other essential characteristics. The certificate of a diamond determines the Diamond'sDiamond price.

All the diamonds at Giriraj Jewellers are certified and of VVS-VS and F-G grade, establishing high purity and better color.