Certified Gold & Diamond Jewellery


What is a hallmark? 

A Hallmark is an official mark stamped on gold and other precious metals to certify that they meet legal standards of purity. Hallmarks help identify the origin, metal content, and year of manufacture of a piece of jewelry or other item made with precious metals.
The government, such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), comes with a quality certificate called 'Hallmarked' jewelry.  
Hallmarking plays a vital role in building consumer trust. 


Fineness numbergold purity
22K91622 karat
18K75018 karat
14K58514 karat


Giriraj Jewellers is a BIS-approved Jeweler who guarantees the purity and fineness of the precious metal articles you buy here.

What is a diamond certification?

Diamond certification is proof of the originality of the diamond attributes given by renowned gemological laboratories. Details are then measured and noted on the diamond certificate.
A diamond certificate features all the required details and specifications of a diamond, i.e., The dimensions, Clarity, Color, Polish, Symmetry, Shape, Weight, Comments, and other essential characteristics. The certificate of a diamond determines the Diamond'sDiamond price.
All the diamonds at Giriraj Jewellers are certified and of VVS-VS and F-G grade.