30 Days Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

We have an immensely customer-friendly return policy to take home satisfaction. 

30 days money back policy: 

  • If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you must return within 30 days from the purchase date.
  • For a refund claim, kindly contact us through your registered contact number or email Id and provide us your name, order number, and the product SKU No of the item(s).
  • Once we receive your inquiry, our customer service will contact you and email you back in one business day. It will be sent along with a prepaid, fully insured BVC Vama Ship return label and instructions to safely and securely pack your items.
  • All products must be returned in good condition, unused, in original boxes, and with original tags to be accepted for return or exchange. All packaging, instructions, and warranties, as applicable, must be included with the return or exchange of jewelry.
  • Returns to the store must include the original packing slip with the item. If you no longer have the packing label, bring a copy of your ship confirmation email or online purchase receipt displayed during checkout.
  • The  Giriraj Jewellers warehouse will inspect and verify the item's condition once we receive the return.
  • Returns take approximately ten business days to process upon receipt of the item.
  • Refunds will be made using the mode of payment used in the original purchase.
  • Cash refunds are issued to the original purchaser with the original sales receipt.

Lifetime Buyback: If you feel like renewing your used jewelry with the latest design at any point in time, come to us and let your collection sparkle again.

Product CategoryLifetime Exchange Lifetime Buyback 
Gold Bullion Coins100% exchange value at the current market rate100% cash back  at the current market rate
Gold Jewellery100% exchange value at the current market rate100% cash back  at the  current market rate
Diamond gemstone Jewellery100% exchange value at the current market price.100% cashback gold the deal at the current market rate. 90% cashback diamond & gemstone value at the current market rate.  


  • The product should be accompanied by an Original Product Certificate or Original Invoice for all exchange and buyback.
  • The current buying rate of that karat/purity shall be applied to which the jewelry is made of
  • The gold jewelry's net weight is the gold weight minus the value of stones, diamonds, beads, dirt, or any other items except gold.
  • According to various sources, the overall market value of Gold, Diamond & Silver will be determined by Giriraj Jewellers.
  • For Buybacks, Exchange of Giriraj Products shipping charges, packaging cost, taxes, if any, internet handling charges, wastage charges, or any cost incurred shall be borne by the Customer.
  • Giriraj Jewellers will break and melt the jewelry to test old jewelry for buyback and exchange purposes. Then the weight, value, and purity of the metal will be approved, and the applicable rate of gold will be applied.
  • Giriraj Jewellers will not be responsible for any deductions in buyback and exchange value once the jewelry is subject to alterations.


Giriraj Jewellers ensures that all your orders reach you quickly and safely. We have an evident and transparent policy, which is as follows:

  • We offer free express shipping for all our orders.
  • All our orders are shipped through registered Blue dart Ship only.
  • Giriraj jewellers provide free delivery/shipping on all items only within India. Shipping time is 5 - 6 days for "Available in Stock" items and 10-12 business days for "Make to Order" items.
  • Your order will be shipped to you fully insured. We urge all customers to inspect the package for any damage or tamper before receiving or signing for receipt.
  • For your protection, Giriraj always:

1. Insures and registers all items for their total value

2. Uses Blue dart services for all orders to deliver high-value packages fastest and safest.

3. Requires that all deliveries be made to a physical business or home address

  • Giriraj jewelers will fully insure all goods until they reach you, so your purchase is 100% certified.


100% certified:

What are Hallmark and its importance?

The purity of gold has always been one of the most significant concerns for gold jewelry buyers. It isn't easy to physically differentiate between pure gold and any yellow-lookalike metal. Here comes the importance of gold certification Hallmarking to ensure the sanctity of gold purchase.

Hallmarks are the official marks used in many countries to guarantee the purity or fineness of precious metal articles. A Hallmark in gold jewelry guarantees the purity and elegance of gold. It shows that the jewelry adheres to the international standards of purity.

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is authorized to assay the purity of gold. BIS-licensed Assaying and Hallmarking Centres grant hallmarks to BIS-certified gold jewelers. If a jeweler is a BIS-certified jeweler, you will find a laser-engraved seal on every piece of jewelry. This Hallmark seal consists of 4 parts:

It is always recommended to buy only BIS-certified and duly Hallmarked jewelry. It is also necessary to check all four marks by the BIS to ensure proper hallmarking.

Another standard of gold purity is the karat, which is written ten as a fineness code. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. The purest form of gold is 24 karat. A lower karat indicates that there are other metals present. However, hallmarked gold jewelry is only available in three grades, i.e., 22 karat, 18 karat, and 14 karats.

Fineness numberGold purity
22 karat
18 karat
14 karat


With these tips, you can be assured that the gold jewelry you buy is genuine.

Giriraj Jewellers is a BIS-certified jeweler that guarantees the purity and fineness of the precious metal articles you buy from here. 

What is a diamond certification?

Diamond certification is proof of the originality of the diamond attributes that renowned gemological laboratories give after a diamond is thoroughly studied, scrutinized, and evaluated. The details are then measured and noted on the diamond certificate, recorded, and presented along with the diamond.

A diamond certificate features all the required details and specifications of a diamond, i.e., dimensions, Clarity, Color, Polish, Symmetry, Shape, Weight, Comments, and other essential characteristics. A diamond without its certification is not considered genuine and authentic. 

All the diamonds at Giriraj Jewellers are certified and of VS and FH grade, which establishes high purity and better color.